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Rape cases are known serious criminal activity in every country of the World and in India it gets damn too sensitive. The judicial system has tried thier best and set some strict codes by following law books. It is very much possible that some people can use the law for thier own revenge satisfactory which is actually made to protect themselves. This fantastic storyline is brought to us with Tight screenplay, Thriller direction and top notch performances by a Movie named after IPC Section code “Section 375”.

Section 375 is a story of Anjali Dangle played by Meera Chopra who has been allegedly raped by her senior at work Rohan Khurana (Rahul Bhat). Anjali files a complaint and session court orders 10 year Imprisonment to Rahul but Rahul’s wife meets a Brilliant Lawyer to fight the case for Rahul’s defence. Tarun Saluja (Akshay Khanna) is that clever lawyer who is up against public prosecuter Hiral Mehta (Richa Chaddha). The entire courtroom scenerio takes Section 375 on a gripping drive and at the end destination is something which forces us to think over “The Justice”. Was the Justice done? Find out in Film.

Akshay Khanna regains his Super form as an Actor and stands out as the Best among the cast. Richa Chadda as Hiral is Fantastic, Meera Chopra is a total Surprise package as she delivers a Honest and convincing act. Rahul Bhat too doesn’t miss any opportunity to shine. Screenplay is gripping and has that up and down moments to keep you hooked. Dialogues are quite harrassing and brutal but needful. Manish Gupta deserves appreciation for writing such a brave script and that too with some negative kind of climax to keep faith on judicial system alive. Ajay Bahl drives this Thrilling Courtroom drama with sensibility and the message he was trying to tell is successfully reached.

In a nutshell, Section 375 is a Brilliant Courtroom drama which should be in your watchlist if you desire to watch something different from mainstream cinema. The film gets it right judicially because Rape is a serious criminal offence and the outburst is always on higher side but does that really make it easy for some people to misuse our law? That’s where the sentiments goes wrong and the climax leaves you thinking over it. Keep thinking while the film still remains in your mind.

RATING- 6/10*

Reviewed by :- Sameer Ahire.

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