Salman khan ex girl friend reported a harassment case

As the #MeToo movement has been trending in India, Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend Somy Ali remember her sexual abuse ordeal.

The Bollywood actress turned social crusader who dated Salman for nearly eight long years has revealed that she deal with sexual harassment at the hands of a house help when she was just five.


Speaking to “Mid-Day” Somy Ali revealed her #MeToo story.

I grew up surrounding an atmosphere of domestic violence in Pakistan and many of my mom’s friends were victims of physical abuse as well When I would ask my mom about the injury appearing on the body, on their bodies, I was always told that that aunty or this aunty fell down the stairs. But that was due to physical abuse.

Somy also added that “There is not much one can do to escape it. My goal is to destroy the roots attached to being a victim of sexual and physical abuse and by sharing my personal story and stories of those NMT has rescued, I hope many others will speak out against their injustice.

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