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Kusti is that one topic which stayed away from films in last decade but this decade has experienced some real big films made on it and tasting a huge success. Pehlwaan starring Kichcha Sudeep in lead role does everything what is needed for the genre but all these stuff have been seen and done so many times before. From the start to the end Pehlwaan is all about Massy avatar of lead actor and is Sudeep show all over. Regardless of what is new out there, people might enjoy the Swag and Action in Typical South Masala Film.

The film begins with Krishna who is an orphanaged child and is adopted by big heated man, Sarkar. Sarkar (Suniel Shetty) has a dream that one of his Pailwaan must win the National Championship hence the training of Krishna starts. Krishna becomes the Best Pailwaan of the state beating the current Champion Raja Rana Pratap Singh (Sushant Singh) and therefore Raja ties a cross connection with him. As expected the hero Krishna aka Sudeep has a romantic side filled by Beautiful girl Rukmini played Aakansha Singh. Thier wedding created some crisis and Sarkar asks Krishna to quit Pailwaani. Later some other drama happening in Wresting World opens Boxing’s door for Krishna again to beat arrogant Boxer Tony and win National Boxing Championship.

Performance of Kichcha Sudeep remains strong and is suitable to strong image of the character. Suniel Shetty is sincere as Sarkar and ready to go violent when needed. Aakansha Singh looks gorgeous whereas Sushant Singh is Cruel as Raja. The basic storyline is decent but the screenplay for the same is unexpectedly too long. Songs takes lot of time in screenplay hence film loses it’s grip. Direction of S. Krishna offers nothing new at all and the outdated execution isn’t recommendable. Thankfully the Action Sequences of the film are top notch and the Swag Level of the hero is kept intact throughout.

Overall, Pehlwaan is an average action entertainer and surely One Time watch for Kichcha Sudeep and Suniel Shetty fans who likes to watch them in Massy avatar. Even action lovers can give it a watch but if you are looking for something new then your search might end with nothing in hand.

RATING- 4/10*

Reviewed by :- Sameer Ahire.

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