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Reviewed By- Sameer Ahire

First Take
Most of the times if the film is remade in some other language or industry then first midset is always about direct comparison with the original and that might happen with Kabir Singh. Let it keep aside, and watch Kabir Singh as a Fresh Film and this might give it a chance to stand as an average film. Unfortunately Kabir Singh does’t even look an Average film as a whole, due to its Highly unconventional writing.There are some enjoyable or rather one would say watchable parts in the film but not enough to call it a Good Film.

Story and Synopsis
Kabir Singh is a fiasco writing where neither characters makes sense nor the script. Kabir (Shahid Kapoor) is an MBBB student who fall in love with Preeti (Kiara Advani) at the very first meeting. Kabir is Highly talented, exam topper and probably the Best student of the college so does that mean he will enter in Classrooms just like that? Does that mean he can have private space with his Girlfriend in Boys Hostel? I mean who allows it and who will accept it. I never saw such a dumb Doctor who can’t control his anger, who can behave like psycho, take drugs, quit his house and much more just because his Girlfriend got married to someone else and after all these bad habits he suddenly realises he is doing it wrong when it comes to in house Enquiry, i mean how come? Why didn’t he realise it before? Kabir asks others to have IQ but when it comes to himself where that high IQ disappears? On the other side story is no different, Preeti has guts to ask Kabir to kiss him in the premises of High profile and strict college but she doesn’t have enough courage to ask his father for Wedding? She can run away after 2 days of her forceful wedding but she couldn’t run away a day before marriage? Not a single character makes a sense in the film and rest you can imagine yourself. When the basics like Convention in lead Characters goes wrong then one just can’t accept the film no matter whether your execution is good or bad. 

What Works and What Doesn’t-
Kabir Singh is killed by writing but saved by Amazing Performances of Shahid Kapoor, Kiara Advani, Arjan Bajwa and the supporting cast. The other advantages being Good Music and well framed action scenes. Editing is surely horrible because this script does not deserve long runtime of 174 Minutes. Even the good scenes are spoiled by Editor as you can see many scenes having unnecessary loud BGM and are cut incompletely. If the basic script has gone wrong then Blaming director Sandeep Vanga for the bad results won’t be fair. Although he tried making Kabir Singh more realistic with his execution of Action scenes, smooches (unnecessary), Vulgarity, Abusive language and boldness of the character, nothing really pleases.

Watch It Or Not-

In a Nutshell, Kabir Singh is a Big Opportunity missed by the writer and makers. They could have brought that conviction into the characters with less runtime and Kabir Singh could have been a Watchable Film. If you can accept the unconventional and mad characters then you will surely like this mad Film. Keeping expectations higher has worked on the opposite direction. 

RATING- 4/10*

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