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Reviewed By : Sameer Ahire

Webseries nowdays, have been too much unrealistic, vulgar and attention seeker for no reason at all. Few of them had quality but mostly webseries were sold on non-quality Content. Here comes Kaafir which sets an Example of Quality writing and socially important content. If this is not enough then Outstanding performances and Emotional connect are two more strong reasons that makes Kaafir a Must Watch Film.

Kaafir is a story of a Central character Kainaaz who is Pakistani but accidentally crosses the Border and entered in India. The expected circumstances under the cover called National security issues puts her in more problems and she goes on to have worst incidents of her life in Jail. The 2nd most important character is Vedant, an Indian Lawyer and Journalist who fights for Kainaaz’s rescuel but has some unforgivable and unforgettable past that makes these 2 characters full fledged. The 3rd one is Cute yet powerful and mandatory character called Sehar, obviously Daughter of Kainaaz. Bhavani Iyer as writer has written every character very smartly, realistically and relatable mind. Apart from these 3 the other characters are too equality important in this narrative no matter how long they stay on screen they got that much importance on screen. Bhavani not only wrote the characters Beautifully but also crafted them with genius mind as you can see not a single character looks unrelated or immature, every character had that backstory and much needed conflicts. If this is an Exam paper then undoubtedly Bhavani Iyer has topped the charts with Full marks.

It is very difficult to keep people engaged for 7 hours throughout the narrative with the Performances and that Very Difficult fort has been breached by Actors. Dia Mirza is Explored like never before in Kainaaz role, she delivered The Best Act of her career. No more words can describe it, just Hats off to her. The same story is followed by Mohit Raina who again delivered most Matured Performance of his life. The cute little girl Dishita Jain portrayed Sehar with Zero acting knowledge and Full Natural skils. Rest of the Cast members have supported them with full passion and each of them deserves special mention.


What works in Kaafir? Almost everything. The script, the acting, the cinematography, the execution, the direction, the emotional connect, the love story, the quality phenomena and what not. What doesn’t work? There are quite few scenes which pokes like a hard rocks in this Smooth flowing river but one can forgive them saying it humanary natural mistake. Overall Kaafir is Brilliant Writing meeting the Outstanding performances and Class direction to deliver a Must See Product. Make a list of films made on India-Pakistan border affairs and i bet Kaafir will stand tallest in the list. Yes, you read it again, Kaafir is that much High level experience. If we believe India doesn’t produce good writers then give a watch to Kaafir and you will apologize for the above statement. This India-Pakistan human emotions story with full of conflicts is Strongly Recommended for Quality lovers. A CLASSIC !

Director Sonam Nair will be remembered for directing this Universally important subject with 100% conviction. She has made a gem and shown us that she is a Genius storyteller. Kaafir could have been a Fisco or an average affair without Sonam Nair. There are so many Cinematic nuances to learn, there’s so much to take home and keep it with you forever.

RATING- 8/10*

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