Is 2.0 overrated ?

2.0 The most awaited film of the year finally released after 3 years of pre-production 2.0 is the first 3D science fiction flick in Tamil Cinema and it is the most expensive indian film ever made with an extraordinary budget of ₹550 crores. Ever since the film was announced it was trending in all social network till date. Director Shankar presentation will always be a mega size project and 2.0 is much bigger and better and it is even technically well advanced compare to the former projects. All the 3D Shots are world-class and it is nothing lesser than the Hollywood level of film making. The detailing of the objects used for 3D shots are very carefully chosen to give a perfect 3D viewing experience for the audience.

Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar coming together, the film is a treat for audiences everywhere. And the dedication of the actors are to be appreciated. Shankar’s effort and dedication need to be appreciated and encouraged for his intend to raise the bar for indian cinema.

Though Akshay have very less screen space in the first half the entire plot was revolving around his character.

Overall, 2.0 cannot be missed for it’s technicalities and star cast so don’t miss the 3D version.

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