Gold-Honest review ?/5-Blockbuster

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Amust watch film for sports and class lovers
Akshay Kumar is the show stealer
Akki as a bengali guy is an absolute treat to watch
Mouni Roy nails her role perfectly
Kunal Kapoor, Vineet Singh, Amit Sadh & Sunny Kaushal evry 1 was fantastic to watch out
Many of them will find 1st half slow
Some flaws in the script and unnecessary songs don’t make this 1 a classic
1st half is good bt not extraordinary
2nd half is more than awesome and mind blowing
Last 30-40 mins ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Irritating songs spoil the momentum of film
Bt when a film like GOLD is going on no 1 gives a damn to songs
Bt it’s too irritating bcz songs spoil the whole plot and link
The team formation, failures, conflicts between team members, unity, partition, India before pre-independence these all scenes are shown beautifully

Overall gold is a must watch film for evry Indian
Many goosebump scenes
State ko dekho, city ko dekho, mohalla ko dekho, apna apna ahankaar ko dekho, ego ko dekho hum apne India ko dekhega nesy dialogue from the film and undoubtedly the best part
Goosebumps goosebumps…
After watching the trailer I was expecting this too be a classic bt it din’t turned the way round
Unnecessary songs, some unnecessary commercial elements make this 1 a very good film instead of being a classic

No repeat value bt shud be given a 1 tym watch infact Must watch…
My rating 3.5/5
If there wud have been no unnecessary songs then this wud have been turned out to be a classic and I wud have rated this 4/5

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