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Reviewed By- Sameer Ahire

Thriller is a genre which has been loved by all kind of audience and Critics. Mostly thrillers stay with us for more time than any regular entertaining film. Game Over is far away from Mainstream cinema not just because of content but also when you look at it’s lay out in promos. And the final product is nothing different rather it is even more surprising. Game Iver is half heaven and half hell of cinematic experience, why so? Let’s find out in details.

Game Over is a story of one Central female Character played by Taapsee Pannu who is stressed, tensed, confused and scared. You know how difficult it is to live with so much problems in life so you can imagine how she must be feeling. The side story of Fight for it spirit, never give up is also enthrilling but that basic Fictional Plot is…. Okay, Let me say it clear, you can either reject it for being unrealistic and get away or you can give it a chance, believe it and then Enjoy the Thrill generated soon after. The writer has tried something different this time, he mixed up Realistic thriller and fictional writing together to leave us quite confusing. Taapsee Pannu has given Amazing performance in this never seen before character of her life. She believed on those nuances, those expression, those screams and made us belive and feel her act. The background score is engaging and well supported by Cinematography. Couple of scenes are High Class examples where you might lose your control from comfortable seating, it scares shit outta you.

Ashwin Saravanan directed this Thriller with full conviction and that conviction is fortunately seen on screen. He has worked on so many nuances and those nuances will work high time for you if you could notice them. The biggest USP here is the gripping second half after the Narrative being clueless in the first half. At Interval point you even question that is the Game Over? Then the tagline ‘Game On’ appears, you get excited for the later half and the real game begins. Overall Game Over is a Spellbounding Thriller with Realistic Execution and Fictional Gaming plot which deserves to be given one chance from viewer and after that you won’t be disappointed, trust me. Most of the one line review is divided by If and Had excuses because the Storyline forced to do so. So, If you believe Life is a Game then belive me Game Over is a Must Watch Thriller.

RATING- 6/10*

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