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Rape cases in India or in any country of the world are determental and big issues. Strong enough action against it would solve the problem forever, but how far we have walked on that way? Is it Really enough? Chicken Curry Law tries to point out some serious activities happens after Rape cases in India which includes Political Power, Police Department, Honestly, Bribe, Judicial System and almost everything related to it. Although makers chose a Sensitive and Important subject, the film failed to give justice to the importance of an important subject.

The plot is, a foreign national, Maya Johnson (Natalia Janoszek) comes to India to build a career and she is bar dancer. But she raped by two politically influential men, Makiya and Nana and thrown on Street in Semi Nude situation. Local social activist, Satya Deshmukh (Nivedita Bhattacharya) finds this disgusting and decides to help her. Deshmukh contacts lawyer Sitapati Shukla (Ashutosh Rana) to fight her case. On the other side, a powerful politician Sharad Joshi (Zakir Hussain) hires Lawyer Mutthu Swamy (Makarand Deshpande) to free his son Makiya form this case. What follows is a courtroom drama, victim blaming, and the need for justice. At the end the justice comes but some people have to sacrifice thier lives. Natalia looks Super Hot as Bar Dancer and then equally innocent after becoming a Rape Victim. Not expecting much of Acting from her because being an Foreigner she is debuting in this film. Rest of the cast is a misfit except some senior and experienced names who atleast give something. Music is Dull, actually unnecessary but then feature film aspects are meant to be there. Screenplay is loud for no reason and might test your patience while coming to the main point of the subject.

Just because of low budget the properties are less hence film and it’s execution looks outdated compared to now days advanced film-making. Director Shekhar Sirrin does a decent job but it is not really enough when you are handling such an important concept. Overall Chicken Curry Law fails to explore it’s own title and basic concept because of disaster presentation. There is hardly any reason to watch the film unless you love these Social Drama subjects too much.

RATING- 3/10*

Review By :- Sameer Ahire.

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